The Living Trees Genealogy Network concept began in Post Falls, Idaho, in 2011, by a genealogy enthusiast tired of using numerous social media platforms to connect to other researchers and manage research projects. With Facebook, the go-to platform, she felt something was amiss. The big technology companies were selling our privacy and treating their members as commodities. They were allowing advertisers and the government to monitor their members in exchange for their 'free' services. Generic social media networks get bogged down with drama, politics, hackers and nonsense that completely distracts a person away from their genealogy objectives. 

Living Trees founder, Suzanne St. John, dreamed of the next generation of Genealogy networking and online communications, envisioning a social and chat app that would give genealogists everywhere the most exciting and helpful sharing technology with privacy built into the design - where members would feel safe and protected. This product would be a hub for all their genealogy activities from managing a DNA project to creating their own groups and trees. She personally manages two DNA projects at She has research trees and DNA results shared with her at She has her own published research site at using TNG software. She has several Facebook groups she manages and is a member of many more. She has images at Pinterest. She has a laptop, cloud server and several external hard drives chocked full of media that supports her research. Her Facebook group has over 625 members. She has another 500 in her DNA projects. Her email contacts range in the thousands. And somehow, through memorization mostly, she managed to keep it all straight while building this Living Trees platform. Genealogy sites pop up regularly but none so far that offer what Suzanne envisioned nearly a decade ago. Unfortunately, Suzanne had to learn a lot about web design in order to make her 2011 idealistic vision a reality. As a one-girl team and numerous failed launches, in 2020, the Living Trees Genealogy Network was re-launched with the basic functionality that Suzanne envisioned. 

At Living Trees Genealogy Network, it's just genealogy! We support the #Not4Sale movement that allows our members to feel safe. We do this by promising our service will never sell your data to advertisers; we won't use spyware, facial recognition or invasive ads. Members are treated like people not commodities.

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    Living Trees Genealogy Network respects your privacy. No Invasive Ads. No Spyware. No Facial Recognition.

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