Core Features

Living Trees Genealogy Network is a social networking community designed for genealogists with all the standard features of other social networking sites but without all the social media nonsense and drama! Profiles can be customized at the user level to share just the information each member wants in order to facilitate their unique genealogy & research objectives. 

Member Chat & Messaging

Members can instantly communicate with other members via chat messaging.

Photo Albums

Members can create and organize photo albums and upload photos to their albums. Privacy controls allows a member to choose who can view their albums and pictures.

Video Albums

Just like with photos, members can upload videos and control who sees them.

Friends & Followers

It wouldn't be a social network without the ability to add friends and followers. 

Groups, Pages, & Hastags

Beauty sells, and beautiful website has a better conversion rate. We gives you the ability to build virtually any design style.

Events, Polls & Activity

Our aim is to make your website stand out from the crowd with 40+ beautiful designed layouts and it will be monthly updated.


Basic Genealogy Features

Living Trees Genealogy Network takes social media to the next level by including great genealogy focused features to help members achieve their research goals.

Member Blogging

At Living Trees members can blog about their every day lives or about their favorite research topics, ancestors, brick walls, and much more.

Genealogy Articles

Living Trees Genealogy Network will provide members with articles related to genealogy to share best practices, highlight new features and functions, etc.

Member Family Trees

Members will be able to create their own family trees that are published directly onto the internet to be shared with their family and friends.

Exchange Gedcoms

Members can upload, download and share gedcom files with other members.

SEO Optimized

We have designed and developed our templates considering SEO best practices with many plugins.

Superfast Support

Our support team can't wait to help you. We take care of your business same way you do.

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Groups You May Like

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