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A Genealogy Social Network

Living Trees Genealogy Network is Social Networking site built by a genealogy enthusiast for genealogists. Here you can Connect, Contribute, Communicate, and Collaborate to meet your research goals. All the social network functionality coupled with research tools to make this the best Genealogy Social Network available.  

Communicate & Collaborate

At Living Trees Genealogy Network members can create their own profiles that are genealogy focused. Members can find each other using the member directory that will include some profile information to help members determine if they want to initiate a member connection and collaborate. Private messages, chat, walls, and forums provide members various ways to collaborate. And, each member will have their own blog to share their research findings or for whatever purpose they choose. 

Build A TNG Family Tree

Living Trees Genealogy Network provides its members an option to have their own family tree. This family tree service is powered by The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG).  There are no static HTML pages. Your information is stored in a database and the pages are created on demand. 

Import/Export Gedcom Files

When you sign up with a Living Trees Genealogy Network family tree, you'll have an easy to use administration panel that allows you to create your family tree from scratch or easily import and export gedcom files that you already have created. There is no need to retype everything. 

Research Notes & Notebook

Living Trees Genealogy Network offers its members the ability to take electronic notes that are stored in their private Research Notebook. The notebook entries can then be edited with a WYSIWYG editor.  Images can be copied and pasted directly into the entry. Entries can be used to create content for Blogs, update their family tree, and various other uses depending on the member's interests and computer skills. Electronic notes can be searched and organized in various ways.

Electronic Archival System

Living Trees Genealogy Network offers its members research portals to their favorite research sites. The network also provides its members access to search its own records accumulated through private research, member contributions, and collaboration with other repositories.

Manage DNA Projects

Many genealogists that have used DNA to further their research are testing with multiple companies and are trying to manage the results for multiple kits across the various service providers. Living Trees Genealogy Network offers project management tools to facilitate the ability to manage DNA and genealogy. 

Upload & Compare DNA

At Living Trees Genealogy Network members can upload their DNA raw data files and compare them against other members or within their preferred projects.