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It all begins with having a secure site. In order to respect your privacy, protect site content, and to link members to features, you must register a member account to use this site. We will verify every sign up is a real, living person. Please create a username you prefer and a unique password for this site, that isn't used elsewhere.

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Living Trees offers several ways to contribute content. Each member profile comes with genealogy related fields to share meaningful information for you and other members, a personal blog, connections and relationships with other members. As a member of the Living Trees Network you can create your own tree or contribute to ours.



With our social medial tools you can collaborate with family, friends, and other researchers about your research interests without all the distractions that other social media platforms bombard you with. Here, you can research all your favorite sites from one place while stll being able to socialize with other researchers in our community. Other features allow members to share their research findings, share records, and many other wonderful activities designed with you in mind!



 At Living Trees you can send private messages, engage in private chat, and post to the network newsfeed to communicate with other members of our network.